Case Studies

Hira Aftab

Empowering Voices, Building Bridges - OurWorldToo and Techspurt Collaboration


In the ever-expanding landscape of technological possibilities, Hira Aftab, a passionate advocate for refugee rights, envisioned a platform where the untold stories of refugees could find a global stage. Fueled by a vision to amplify marginalized voices, she engaged with Techspurt, recognizing the need for their digital expertise to transmute her visionary concept into tangible reality.


OurWorldToo sought to bridge the gap between the unheard stories of refugees and a global audience. The challenge was not just technological but also a narrative one – to create a platform that was not just functional but emotionally resonant, allowing refugees to share their experiences with the world.

Techspurt Solution:

Techspurt, renowned for its innovation and commitment to social causes, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Collaborating closely with Hira Aftab, the team designed and developed a user-friendly, visually engaging platform that seamlessly integrated multimedia elements to capture the essence of each refugee’s journey.


Advocating for refugee rights and fostering a compassionate world, empowering refugees through awareness, support, and inclusive initiatives.

Brent Hubbard

Mailphoria - Revolutionizing Email Management with Techspurt


In the digital age where email inundates every aspect of communication, Brent Hubbard envisioned a solution that transcended the conventional, providing a streamlined approach to email management. Recognizing the potential to redefine communication workflows, he approached Techspurt with his brainchild – Mailphoria.


The challenge at hand was to create a sophisticated Email Management & Automation platform that not only addressed the complexities of modern communication but also elevated user experience. Brent sought a partner in Techspurt to infuse technological prowess into his vision.

Techspurt Solution:

Techspurt, renowned for its innovation, embraced the challenge with a tailored solution. Collaborating closely with Brent Hubbard, the team at Techspurt engineered a comprehensive Email Management & Automation platform – Mailphoria. The solution offered advanced tools and features, allowing users to streamline and enhance their communication processes.


Streamline your email communications with cutting-edge automation solutions, maximizing efficiency and engagement for your business.

Gac Parubi

Paws and Profits Unleashed - ZooZoo's Affiliate Marketing Triumph with Techspurt.


In the realm of e-commerce, where niches carve their spaces, Gac Parubi envisioned a haven for pet enthusiasts – ZooZoo. An affiliate marketing e-commerce store specializing in pet-related products, ZooZoo aimed to marry passion with convenience. Gac Parubi, the visionary founder, sought the expertise of Techspurt to transform her pet project into a thriving reality.


The challenge lay in creating an engaging, user-friendly platform that not only showcased an extensive array of pet products but also seamlessly integrated affiliate marketing functionalities. Gac’s dream was to establish ZooZoo as more than just a marketplace – it was to be a community for pet lovers, a digital haven where tail wags met technological finesse.

Techspurt Solution:

Techspurt, revered for its innovative prowess, eagerly embraced the challenge. Collaborating closely with Gac Parubi, the team at Techspurt envisioned a platform that transcended conventional e-commerce. The solution was a fusion of cutting-edge web development and creative design, bringing ZooZoo to life.


Collaborating closely with Gac Parubi, the team at Techspurt envisioned a platform that transcended conventional e-commerce. The solution was a fusion of cutting-edge web development and creative design, bringing ZooZoo to life.


Dr. Mattie Nottage

Mattie Nottage International Digital Transformation: Website Revamp, Digital Content App, and Prayer Wall Integration


Mattie Nottage International aimed to enhance its online presence through a Modern Day website update and the creation of a new mobile app. The goal was to enable users to purchase digital content, including prayers, audio, and videos, using Apple and Google in-app purchases. The app was also intended to feature a unique dynamic prayer wall for collective prayers.


The existing website required a modernized design, and the challenge extended to selling diverse digital content through the mobile app. Integrating text prayers, audio, and video materials into a user-friendly design for digital content sales presented challenges. Additionally, creating an interactive prayer wall within the app posed unique hurdles.

Techspurt Solution:

Techspurt stepped in by giving the website a fresh look, emphasizing user-friendliness. Ensuring compatibility with various devices, by incorporating & engaging multimedia elements like pictures and videos. For the mobile app, Techspurt enabled secure purchases with Apple and Google in-app transactions. The app was designed with user convenience in mind, facilitating easy navigation and digital content purchases. A special prayer wall feature was added to encourage collective prayers, with tools ensuring positive and respectful interactions.

Mattie Nottage Ministries

Mattie Nottage Ministries International, led by evangelist Mattie Nottage, aims to cultivate “Kingdom believers” globally, transcending denominational lines. Techspurt collaborated to revamp their website and develop mobile apps, enhancing online accessibility. This strategic partnership reflects a commitment to leveraging technology for broader outreach, making spiritual resources readily available to a diverse audience.

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